Diplomat Loaded Safety Knife Lime Green A59


The Diplomat Loaded Safety Knife retracts even when your thumb is placed on the blade slider, meaning that you can use this throughout construction and crafts with safety. It has a rubber grip for secure holding and a lightweight design for quick, convenient use.
  • This is a right handed knife.
  • The blade has a width of 19 mm.
  • It’s designed to cut card, plastic, paper and rope.
  • It has a rubber grip for easy control while cutting.
  • The blade is concealed for safety.
  • The blades on this knife are replaceable.
  • You can purchase replacement blades for this knife in the future by searching the product code LEA58BLADE.
  • It comes in a stylish, lime green design.

Additional information

Weight 86 g
Dimensions 23 × 9 × 25 cm




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