Marbig 1107007 Manilla Folders A4 Buff Box 100


The Manila folder was invented in 1930 in the Philippines. It is made of thick, durable Manila paper and sized so that full sheets of printer paper can fit inside without folding. As with the Manila envelope, it is traditionally buff in color. It often has a mechanism on the closing flap that allows it to be opened without damaging the envelope so that it can be reused. In a more general sense, envelopes made of brown, unbleached paper, used for cheapness, are described as Manila envelopes.

Product Features


•  Suitable for archiving
•  A4 buff
•  Ideal for all projects and personal files

Product Description

The marbig manilla folder range is made from durable quality manilla board. Ideal for all projects and personal files.

Additional information

Weight 2.76 g
Dimensions 33.5 × 25 × 7 cm




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