Northfork Concentrated Deodoriser Air Freshener Fruity 15L


Product Features


•  General purpose cleaner & deodoriser
•  Antibacterial with long-Lasting residual perfumes
•  Turns clean surfaces into a continuous action air freshener
•  Ideal for use in public washrooms, bathrooms, garbage areas & anywhere bacterial odours occur
•  Pleasant fruity, floral or linen fragrance
•  Disinfectant

Product Description

Northfork chemicals contain a range of products suitable for any situation. From food service hygiene and washroom products, to housekeeping, personal hand care and laundry washing products, northfork is ideal for the home and workplace environment.

Additional information

Weight 16.38 g
Dimensions 28.5 × 28.5 × 31.8 cm



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