Parker Duofold Black Chrome Trim Fountain Pen Centennial 18k Nib Medium

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Step into a legacy of distinction with the Parker Duofold Fountain Pen. Its medium 18K gold nib and black precious resin body, accented with palladium trim, offer unparalleled elegance and writing precision. A true classic for the discerning writer.

Parker Duofold: The Quintessence of Writing Mastery

A Century of Unrivaled Craftsmanship The Parker Duofold Black Chrome Trim Fountain Pen is a masterpiece that encapsulates a legacy of excellence stretching back to 1921. This centennial edition, with its medium 18k nib, is a testament to Parker’s relentless pursuit of perfection. Each pen is a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, hand-assembled to deliver an unmatched writing experience.

Sophistication in Every Stroke The pen’s rich black precious resin barrel, reminiscent of the finest enamel, is complemented by a palladium finish that adds a contemporary edge to its timeless design. The ace-emblazoned 18-carat solid gold nib, coated in rhodium, glides across the page with ease, laying down a line of ink that is as precise as it is elegant.

An Icon of Elegance The Duofold is not just a writing instrument; it is an icon of elegance that has stood the test of time. Its distinguished lineage is evident in every detail, from the emblematic design to the luxurious precious metal finishes. This pen is a symbol of Parker’s heritage and an embodiment of the art of writing.

Key Points:

  • Iconic Heritage: A symbol of excellence since 1921.
  • Gold Nib: 18K solid gold with rhodium coating for comfort and precision.
  • Precious Resin: Rich black barrel with the appearance of enamel.
  • Palladium Finish: Modern and sleek chrome trim.
  • Handcrafted: Meticulously assembled by skilled artisans.
  • Medium Nib: Ideal for a variety of writing styles.
  • Black Ink: Comes with high-quality black ink.
  • Luxury Packaging: Presented in an elegant Parker gift box.


  1. What makes the Parker Duofold an exceptional fountain pen? The Duofold stands out for its superior craftsmanship, hand-assembled components, and iconic design.
  2. Is the nib flexible or firm? The 18K gold nib offers a balance of flexibility and firmness for a smooth writing experience.
  3. Can the pen be used with bottled ink? Yes, it can be used with Parker bottled ink for a traditional fountain pen experience.
  4. What type of refills does the pen accept? The pen accepts Parker ink cartridges and can be fitted with a converter for bottled ink.
  5. Is the pen suitable for daily use? Absolutely, it is designed for both everyday writing and special occasions.

The Parker Duofold Black Chrome Trim Fountain Pen Centennial with an 18k Nib Medium is a celebration of Parker’s century-long commitment to excellence. It is a pen that not only writes history but is part of it, offering a writing experience that is as luxurious as it is timeless.


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