Pilot Retractable Supergrip Ballpoint Pen Medium Black


The Pilot Super Grip Retractable Ballpoint Pen is the most popular ballpoint pen in the Pilot Pen range. Its advanced oil-based ink guarantees a comfortable writing experience every time. The pen features a soft, slip-proof rubberized grip, making it comfortable to use for long periods of time. The smooth writing is achieved through the utilization of oil-based ballpoint ink. This ballpoint pen is refillable with any Pilot RFNS-GG refills and comes with a clear barrel, allowing you to monitor the remaining ink supply. The Pilot BPGP Super Grip Ballpoint Pen is designed to ensure a smooth and comfortable writing experience, thanks to its oil-based ink and slip-proof rubber grip.
  • Utilizes oil-based ballpoint ink for smooth writing
  • Has a soft, slip-proof rubberized grip for comfortable writing
  • Can be refilled with Pilot RFNS-GG refills
  • Features a clear barrel to monitor ink supply
  • Has a 1.0mm nib
  • Is a reliable tool for everyday writing tasks
  • Has a long-lasting, smoothly flowing ink
  • Can be used all day long due to its comfortable grip
  • Refills are easily found with product codes PI623620BK (Black), PI623621BE (Blue), and PI623622RD (Red)

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 2 × 6 × 14 cm




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