Stabilo Black Rollerball Pens Assorted 4 Pack


Step into the world of precision with Stabilo’s Black Rollerball Pen. Its 1.0mm tip, non-slip grip, and anti-roll design offer unmatched writing comfort and style. Ideal for the discerning professional.

Stabilo’s Quartet of Quality: Assorted Black Rollerball Pens

A Spectrum of Precision Dive into the world of color with the Stabilo Black Rollerball Pens Assorted 4 Pack. Each pen in this collection offers a unique hue—black, blue, red, and green—allowing you to express yourself in full spectrum. The medium nib glides effortlessly across paper, making writing a pressure-free pleasure.

Ergonomic and Secure Designed with an ergonomic non-slip material that’s trusted in the automotive industry, these pens promise a comfortable and secure grip. The anti-roll-away design ensures your pens stay put, while the sturdy metal clip allows for easy transport and accessibility.

Versatile and Vibrant Whether you’re taking notes, sketching, or signing documents, these pens are up to the task. The assorted colors make it easy to organize content by color-coding, and the medium nib is versatile enough for a variety of writing styles.

Key Points:

  • Assorted colors for versatile use
  • Non-slip grip for comfort and control
  • Anti-roll-away design for desk stability
  • Metal clip for practical portability
  • Medium nib for a variety of writing tasks
  • Product Code: 0370180
  • Plastic barrel for durability and lightness
  • Pressure-free writing experience


  1. What colors are included in the pack?
    • The pack includes black, blue, red, and green pens.
  2. Is the grip comfortable for long writing sessions?
    • Yes, the non-slip material ensures a comfortable grip.
  3. Will the pens roll off my desk if I leave them unattended?
    • No, the anti-roll-away design keeps them in place.
  4. Can I clip the pen to my notebook or shirt pocket?
    • Absolutely, the metal clip is both functional and stylish.
  5. What type of writing is the medium nib suitable for?
    • It’s ideal for everything from note-taking to signing checks.

The Stabilo Black Rollerball Pens Assorted 4 Pack is the perfect choice for those who value both variety and quality. With ergonomic design, vibrant colors, and smooth writing, these pens are sure to enhance your writing experience.

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 2 × 14 × 2 cm



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