Stabilo Boss Highlighter Pastel Touch Of Turquoise Box 10


Experience serene highlighting with the Stabilo Boss Highlighter in Pastel Touch Of Turquoise. Its cool hue and chisel tip are perfect for those who prefer a calm approach to their work. Ideal for the thoughtful student or professional.

Stabilo’s Serene Highlighting: Boss Highlighter in Pastel Touch Of Turquoise

Tranquil Tones for Text Enhancement The Stabilo Boss Highlighter in Pastel Touch Of Turquoise is a serene addition to your stationery, offering a tranquil turquoise hue to highlight your most important notes. Ideal for those who seek a calm yet effective way to emphasize text, this highlighter ensures that your highlighted sections stand out with a peaceful pop of color.

Designed for Comfort and Longevity With a chisel tip for versatile line widths—2mm for fine lines and 5mm for thicker highlights—the highlighter is perfect for a variety of tasks. The water-based ink is suitable for all paper types, including copies and faxes, and the 4-hour cap-off time is a thoughtful feature for those busy moments when you can’t recap immediately.

A Pastel Range for Every Preference As part of the Stabilo Boss range, this highlighter is one of the nine available fluorescent colors, offering a spectrum of choices for every highlighting desire. The Pastel Touch Of Turquoise is a refreshing choice for those who appreciate a cooler color palette in their note-taking and organizing.

Key Points:

  • Pastel Touch Of Turquoise: A cool, calming shade for highlighting.
  • Chisel Tip: For 2mm and 5mm line widths.
  • Water-Based Ink: Ideal for various paper types.
  • 4-Hour Cap-Off Time: Convenient for the multitasker.
  • Ergonomic Barrel: Comfortable for extended use.
  • Part of the Boss Range: A leader in highlighter innovation.
  • Product Code: [Insert Product Code]
  • Eco-Friendly: Stabilo’s commitment to the environment.


  1. How does the Pastel Touch Of Turquoise color compare to other highlighters?
    • It offers a unique, soothing alternative to traditional highlighter colors.
  2. Can the highlighter be used on delicate paper without bleeding through?
    • Yes, the water-based ink is designed to be gentle on all paper types.
  3. What are the benefits of the chisel tip?
    • It provides flexibility for both precise and broad highlighting.
  4. Is the highlighter’s cap-off time really 4 hours?
    • Yes, it can be left uncapped for up to 4 hours without drying out.
  5. Are there other pastel colors in the Stabilo Boss range?
    • Yes, the range includes a selection of pastel shades.

The Stabilo Boss Highlighter in Pastel Touch Of Turquoise is an essential tool for anyone who values tranquility and functionality in their stationery. Its serene color and practical design make it a joy to use for any highlighting task.

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Weight 0.2 g
Dimensions 11 × 3 × 14 cm




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