Stabilo Point 88 Rollerset Assorted 25 Piece


Explore the pinnacle of precision with the Stabilo Point 88 Rollerset, featuring Europe’s top fineliners. With a metal-enclosed tip, long cap-off time, and 25 vibrant colors, it’s the ideal set for all your fine lining needs.

Stabilo’s Artistic Array: Point 88 Rollerset

Unleash Creativity with Europe’s Finest. The Stabilo Point 88 Rollerset Assorted 25 Piece is a treasure trove for any creative mind. Known as Europe’s number one fineliner, this set boasts a metal enclosed tip for durability and a 0.4mm line width for precision. It’s the universal choice for school children, students, and professionals who demand the best in their artistic and writing endeavors.

Designed for Excellence Each pen in the Rollerset is a testament to Stabilo’s commitment to quality. The long cap-off time ensures that your flow of creativity is never interrupted by a dried-out pen. The assorted colors provide a palette to bring your ideas to life, while the ROHS compliance and xylene-free ink reflect Stabilo’s dedication to safety and environmental standards.

A Spectrum of Possibilities Whether you’re taking meticulous notes, drafting technical drawings, or indulging in intricate illustrations, the Stabilo Point 88 Rollerset is your companion for every task. The plastic barrel is comfortable to hold, and the fibre nib delivers a smooth, consistent line every time.

Key Points:

  • Europe’s Number One Fineliner: Trusted by millions.
  • Metal Enclosed Tip: Ensures a long lifespan.
  • 0.4mm Line Width: Perfect for detailed work.
  • Long Cap-Off Time: Keeps pens from drying out quickly.
  • Assorted Colors: For a wide range of applications.
  • ROHS Compliant: Meets high safety standards.
  • Xylene Free: Safe for all users.
  • Product Code: 49576.


  1. What makes the Stabilo Point 88 Rollerset stand out?
    • Its quality, precision, and range of colors set it apart.
  2. How long can I leave the cap off?
    • The pens have a long cap-off time, reducing the risk of drying out.
  3. Is the ink safe for children to use?
    • Yes, the ink is ROHS compliant and xylene-free.
  4. Can these fineliners be used for professional work?
    • Absolutely, they are designed for both professional and academic use.
  5. Are the pens refillable?
    • No, these pens are not designed to be refillable.

The Stabilo Point 88 Rollerset Assorted 25 Piece is the ultimate collection for anyone who values precision, variety, and quality in their writing instruments. With its wide array of colors and reliable performance, it’s the go-to choice for creatives and professionals alike.


Additional information

Weight 0.19 g
Dimensions 15 × 6.5 × 23.5 cm




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