UHU U-Tac White 80’s 50gm


Product Description

Effortlessly decorate and organise your home or office spaces using UHU White Tac. This versatile tac is ideal for fixing light objects like memos, calendars, photos, posters and collectables to surface materials like wood, plaster, glass, metal, plastic and china. It also wont show through on white paper and is perfect for maintaining visual integrity whilst being reusable.

  • Wont show through on white paper, keeping objects visually clear
  • Doesnt colour stain, helping objects and surfaces stay pristine
  • Completely removable and re-usable, creating long-lasting value
  • Suitable for a huge variety of ideas and projects
  • Non-toxic and dermatologically tested for peace of mind

This pack includes 80 UHU White Tac Putties in a handy wallet for easy storage.

Additional information

Weight 0.02 g
Dimensions 1 × 10 × 31 cm



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